Today, there is a plethora of skincare products in the market. The wide range of skincare products caters to the different skin types around the globe. It is vital to pick the right products to address the specific skin types and conditions as the right skin care is the key to youthful, healthy and flawless skin.
Below is comparison among the skincare products reviewed by several skincare review experts of Skincare Spies, namely The Body Shop, Innisfree, Kiehl’s, Nature Republic, Skin Food and The Face Shop.

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I have always been very experimental about my skin care products. Having dry skin has been a problem for me ever since teenage years; it has come to my mum’s concern. My mum introduced me a few products from The Body Shop and I was so satisfied with the products and decided to stick to these awesome products.

The Body Shop International plc focuses on manufacturing and retailing beauty and cosmetic products by using natural ingredients in their producing processes. They hold the concept of “The business is not just about money, it should be about responsibility”. The Body Shop believes that they are able to protect our Mother Earth by using natural ingredients. They do it not because it is fashionable but it is the only way.

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By: Tan Xinci

Innisfree logo

From the southernmost and largest island isolated from the Korean peninsula, the Jeju island has been the main extraction of natural ingredients for Innisfree. Being the first natural brand from South Korea, Innisfree produces beauty products using the pure energy of nature from Jeju, with the purpose of formulating a healthy beauty for the people.

One of Jeju’s prominent natural resources would be the green tea plants. Innisfree has a moisturizing series that uses green tea extracted from the fields of Jeju Island.

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REVIEW: Kiehl’s Calendula line

By: Ho Chian Leng

Do any of you have problems of finding the right skincare products for your skin? Kiehl’s is definitely the first skincare product that comes in my mind.


Kiehl’s is a well-known skincare brand which the purpose of the brand is not merely skin-deep. It is scientifically formulated to provide treatments which is powerful to correct and treat skin concerns. The products are prepared safely and are made of natural ingredients.

Frankly, the skincare routine is really simple, it’s just simply using cleanser, toner and moisturizer. That simple! Today, I’m going to share with all of you about the skincare products I’m using. No surprise, they all are all from Kiehl’s!

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REVIEW: NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Line

By: Yip Yuen Ceng

Nature Republic delivers a package of aloe vera-based product lines. That’s right; Nature Republic has now transformed the spiky, green gem that everyone’s heard of as the ‘plant of immortality’ exclusively into our daily skincare product.

NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Product Line is a beauty line from Korea for all skin type. Commonly known as the most effective skin soothers, Nature Republic’s combination of natural ingredients such as pure aloe vera can help protect, nourish and soothe your skin.


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REVIEW: Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Line

By Yip Wai Ceng

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apple is well known for containing high amount of antioxidant as well as collagen and elastin, which are important to retain a youthful skin. Today, we’re going to post our review on Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line!

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line is a organic product from South Korea and the whole line is made up of two main ingredients which are:

1. Green Apple

  • contains pectin which acts as a fibre good in controlling sebum production and tighten pores while tannin is an astringent good to maintain pore size and skin elasticity. Green apple also consist sufficient amount of Vitamin C that acts as antioxidant.

2. Cho Jung Carbonated Water

  • Cho Jung Carbonated Water originates from Cho Jung Li and is also known as Mystic Water from the Orient. It is one of the best 3 mineral water in the world and is good for skin hydration.


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REVIEW: The Face Shop Chia Seed Line

By Roger Goh

In this section, we’ll be reviewing and comparing 3 of the products of the Chia Seed line from The Face Shop -cleanser, toner, and moisturizer- in few different aspects for their competitive position in the market as well as potential customer.


These 3 products contained 100% organic Chia seeds extract from their Chia Seed product lineup with their arrow aimed towards customer young teenagers and adults. Why say so? The purpose of these products share the same goal that benefited from Chia seeds.

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Innisfree, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, Skinfood, Kiehls’, Nature Republic, just to name a few. There’s just too many skincare companies competing in this world today. Almost every shopping mall has at least five of them in one building and people are having troubles deciding which one is the best for their respective skin types is.

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