Today, there is a plethora of skincare products in the market. The wide range of skincare products caters to the different skin types around the globe. It is vital to pick the right products to address the specific skin types and conditions as the right skin care is the key to youthful, healthy and flawless skin.
Below is comparison among the skincare products reviewed by several skincare review experts of Skincare Spies, namely The Body Shop, Innisfree, Kiehl’s, Nature Republic, Skin Food and The Face Shop.

THE BODY SHOP Brighton, United Kingdom Dry skin type Vitamin E  -effectively removes blackhead

-improves skin textures

-facilitates healing process

-acts as sun block

INNISFREE Jeju Island, Korea Oily skin type Jeju’s Green Tea  -moisturize and brightens skin

-toner specialized for different skin types

-light amd refreshing fragrance

KIEHL’S New York, United States Oily skin type Calendula extract, Antarcticine – solves acne problem without giving any irritation

–provides brighter skin appearance and reduces skin flare-up.

-keeping the skin hydrated

NATURE REPUBLIC Korea All skin type, except for sensitive skin Aloe Vera – hydrates skin and removes impurities

-leaves skin refreshed and soft without feeling tight.

-does not make skin oily

SKINFOOD Korea All skin type, preferably normal and oily skin Green Apple, Cho Jung Carbonated Water -hydrates skin without making skin oily.

-makes skin radiant and smooth

THE FACE SHOP Korea All skin type Chia Seed  -keeps acne at bay.

moisturizes skin and prolong skin hydration

-maintain skin radiance

-contain high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients.




Well, let this table guide you to compare among skincare products and pick the right skincare products that benefit you. CHEERS TO THE BETTER, MORE YOUTHFUL AND HEALTHIER SKIN


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