By: Tan Xinci

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From the southernmost and largest island isolated from the Korean peninsula, the Jeju island has been the main extraction of natural ingredients for Innisfree. Being the first natural brand from South Korea, Innisfree produces beauty products using the pure energy of nature from Jeju, with the purpose of formulating a healthy beauty for the people.

One of Jeju’s prominent natural resources would be the green tea plants. Innisfree has a moisturizing series that uses green tea extracted from the fields of Jeju Island.

Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Some of the products include the Green tea cleansing foam. The richness in amino acids from the green tea leaves help to moisturize and brightens up the skin during cleansing, preventing the skin from dehydrating. Besides, the dense and rich foam from the cleanser helps to wash-off dirt from the inside of our pores.

The price is set at RM 43.59, with a standard volume of 150ml. By using Jeju’s green tea in this product, I would say that the price is set at a slight higher end. There are also other plant extracts that work as antioxidants in this product. Well, it claims using 88% natural origin ingredients, so for the benefit of both sides (ourselves and nature), it definitely worth the buy.

Depending on the buyers, some may feel that the scent of green tea is a bit too strong and artificial, but it was okay for my taste. The freshness kind of wakes me up in the morning after washing my face. I like it how it gives you a calm aftertaste. However, it doesn’t claim to prevent acne and pimples but only to give moisture to skin. If it does, it would be the perfect combination for me.

The directions in using it is pretty simple.

How to use:

  1. Squeeze an appropriate amount onto palms and create lather.
  2. Add some water and massage over your palms, then smoothly massage over your face.
  3. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water afterwards.

Green Tea Moisture Skin Toner

Using along with the cleanser, Innisfree has 3 different types of green tea toners that are suitable for different types of skin. It includes green tea fresh skin (for oily skin), green tea balancing skin (for combination skin), and green tea moisture skin (for dry skin).

I personally prefer the green tea moisture skin toner because I have a dry skin and occasionally it peels.

Same as the cleansing foam, the green tea helps in moisturizing the skin, and with the enriched toner, it quenches my dry skin and prevents it from further drying. The toner also contains Hyaluron, a natural ingredient that not just excel at moisturizing dry skin, but also retaining skin moisture.

green tea moisture line

All 3 toners are set at a price of RM 72.23 in a bottle of 200ml. I usually use it twice a day, and it lasted me for about 3-4 months depending on how much I use. For me, the price is quite affordable because the result is obvious after I use it, and my skin doesn’t peel off that often anymore.

Of course, other brands which are cheaper may work the same too, but I would say that it is a constant dedication to keep your skin moisture and healthy. It has to be done on a constant daily basis to get your desire skin.

For those who prefer a more natural and eco-friendly product, this toner would be the best for you and me. The green tea scent is the same as the cleansing foam, which I really like it because it leaves a light fragrance to my skin. After all, girls do like smelling good!

moisture skin

How to use:

  1. After using the cleanser, put a small amount (2-3 drops) of toner onto your palms.
  2. Apply evenly around the face and neck.

Green Tea Moisture Cream

Basic steps, cleanser, toner then moisturizer. Just like other skin care brands, the Innisfree green tea series also have their own moisturizers.

There are a few types of moisturizer which includes oil, cream or lotion. I have never tried the oil before because the price is too expensive and as a student, I couldn’t afford it. As for the lotion, is more for people with oily skin so it is not so suitable for me.

The cream line appears to be the best at its price and function for me. For dry skin type like me, the green tea moisture cream would be more suitable. For people with oily skin, the green tea fresh cream will be an alternative, and a for combination skin, the green tea balancing cream will be a good choice for them.

green tea moisture cream

The price is set at RM 76.47, probably the most expensive among the 3 basic steps product for a small bottle of 50ml. I would say that it is not necessary to use this so frequent because firstly, the extremely high price and secondly, you don’t really need it if your skin type is not very dry.

There are so many other alternatives to hydrate your skin and the most basic one is to drink a lot of water. Water is the most natural source for a hydrated skin. So I wouldn’t recommend this product as a necessary step to keep your skin moisturized. But of course, is totally up to individuals to buy it. If you’re in a situation that doesn’t allows you in drinking too much water, you can always go ahead in trying this cream.

It isn’t too oily for the skin and it does help to keep my skin hydrated. But living in a hot and humid country, certain days where I tend to sweat a lot, it leaves a really shiny glossy look on my skin. I didn’t feel comfortable with it as I prefer having hydrated skin without having it to look very oily.

Besides, I consume lots of water on a daily basis. I drink almost 5-6 bottles of water (750ml per bottle) or even more everyday. So the toner was already sufficient to keep my skin moisturized.

moisture cream

The cream contains green tea extracts just like the cleanser and toner. It functions as a butter-type cream that gives moisture instantly to the skin, and forms a moisture shield that keeps your skin moisturized for a longer period. It also contains mango butter that helps nourish dry skin.

How to use:

  1. After applying the toner, put a small amount of cream onto hand.
  2. Apply it over your face and neck evenly


These are just a few of many other good products that can be used along the Innisfree product line. It is not the one and only best way but it definitely shows the desire result that I want on my skin. There are so many other brands that work best for different people.

Do give different brands a test try, and you’ll find out the best for your skin type in no time!

Ratings: 7.5/10

Our next review will be on The Body Shop: Vitamin E line.


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